Covid-19 Safe

We Strive to Provide the Highest Quality of Coaching in a Safe Restricted Environment during this tough time:


  1. Check-in via our QR Code & show PROOF OF VACCINATION EACH WEEK (We will need all Student/Parents names & contact numbers)
  2. All Staff will be wearing face masks or face shields during the sessions. It will not be compulsory for  students to wear during the class, but highly recommended
  3. No Spectators. Parents must stay outside of the venue at all times to limit the number of people coming in and out. We will make a 10min exception for new students coming in to try out the uniform with their parents. Once new students have settled into their class, parents will need to leave straight away
  4. Sanitise your hands at the Beginning and End of the Session whilst entering/exiting the venue
  5. Temperature checks will be made in the Beginning of the Session before Students enter classes
  6. 1.5M Social Distancing at ALL TIMES
  7. Anyone showing signs of Covid-19 Symptoms will be sent home with No Credit or Refunds.
  8. Shuttles will be disinfected in between each session
  9. No Racquet Sharing. If you don’t have a racquet, we will not be lending racquets out due to Covid-19. Hence you will need to purchase one from us so please remember to bring your racquets. Under special considerations, Coaches may make a discretionary decision to lend a racquet that has been sanitised before and after usage
  10. If you are Tested Positive or a Household Close Contact, please isolate at home for 7 days and ONLY return with a negative RAT and no symptoms
  11. We have a specific Entrance & Exit path planned out in each venue, so please be wary of these pathways