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Code 14:00-16:00 B I A E BFT IFT
What it means 2PM-4PM Beginners Intermediate Advanced Elite Beginner Fast Track Intermediate Fast Track

Timetable: Term 1, 2018 30th January - 15th April (11 Week Term)
Location Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Abbotsleigh School 09:00-11:00(B/I) 11:00-13:00(B/I) 14:00-16:00(B) 16:00-18:00(B/I)
Epping Boys High School 16:30-18:30(B/I) 18:30-20:30(B/I) 17:30-19:30(B/E) 19:30-21:30(B/E) 16:00-18:00(B/I) 09:00-11:00(B/I)
Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre  15:00-17:00(B) 14:00-16:00(B)    16:00-18:00(B)
Muirfield High School 17:30-19:30(B) 17:00-19:30(IFT) 16:30-18:30(B/I) 18:30-20:30(B/I) 09:00-11:00(B/I)  11:00-13:00(B/I)  16:00-18:00(B)
Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre 19:30-21:30(B/I) 11:30-14:00(BFT) 11:30-14:00(IFT)    12:00-14:00(B/I)    14:00-16:00(B/I/A/E)  16:00-18:00(B/I/A/E) 11:00-13:00(B/I/A) 13:30-16:00(IFT) 14:00-16:00(B/I/A) 16:00-18:00(B/I/E)
Robyn Webster Sports Centre 10:00-12:00(B/I)
The King's School 09:00-11:00(B/I)  11:00-13:00(B/I)


Abbotsleigh School- 1666 Pacific Hwy, Wahroonga NSW 2076, Australia
Epping Boys High School – 213 Vimiera Rd, Marsfield NSW 2122, Australia
Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre – King Georges Rd & Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2221
Muirfield High School – Barclay Rd Near Muirfield High School, North Rocks NSW 2151, Australia
Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre – 504 Victoria Rd, Ryde NSW 2112, Australia
Robyn Webster Sports Centre – Holbeach Ave, Tempe NSW 2044, Australia
The King’s School – 87-129 Pennant Hills Rd, North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia
Sydney Olympic Park – Sports Halls, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia
Five Dock Leisure Centre – Queens Rd & Williams St, Five Dock NSW 2046