Terms and Conditions

Australian Badminton Academy (ABA) operates in many venues such as Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre, Kings School, Abbotsleigh School, Muirfield High School, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Marsden High School, Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre, Playpoint Indoor Sport and others (collectively Venue). These terms and conditions govern the enrolments and usage of the goods and services provided by Australian Badminton Academy.

Please comply with all the rules displayed at the academy and directions given by the staff. You are also requested to use the floor space that is specifically allocated for you and your guests.

  1. Venue Rules

1.1 At all times members must oblige and follow any rules specified by any Venue outlined in their respective Condition of Entry.

1.2 We can refuse entry to anyone, including members, if they act unreasonably or breach the Conditions of Entry in any Venue stated above. We may also warn you that you risk having your membership cancelled and if you continue to behave in the same way, we may cancel your membership immediately.

1.3 General Rules of Conduct for any individual willing to partake in ABA’s activities:

  1. a) Parents/Guardians/Students are not allowed to take photos, videos, or any other form of media content which is unauthorised by ABA. By doing so you allow ABA to request for the device which was used to capture the media content and also delete any files in regards to the violation of this rule.
  2. b) Conduct personal activities in an orderly manner which does not affect the flow of the class or the learning experience of the students such as interrupting during a class. Parents/Guardians are welcome to watch but cannot interact with students during class time.
  3. c) If courts are available before or after class times, anyone affiliated with ABA are allowed to use it free of charge however they must oblige to any ABA coaches’ requests to move courts due to setting up/starting class/packing up.
  4. d) If there is any issues in regards to safety hazards or any other matter, raise it up with any coaches and they will endeavour to fix it to the best of their ability.

1.4 Failing to follow the rules stated above may lead to ABA asking the individual to leave the premises and may result in the forfeit of the class that the individual was planning on taking on the day.

  1. Media & Communication Release

2.1 I authorise Australian Badminton Academy and their affiliates to take and use any student works, photographs, video or sound recordings of my child and any other reproductions or adaptations of my child’s likeness (‘the material’), either in full or part, in conjunction with any wording or drawings.

2.2 I understand this material may be used for the purposes of advertising, promotion, media publicity, publication, display or internet usage of Australian Badminton Academy in whole or in part.

2.3 I understand that I, or my child, do not have any interest in the copyright to the material nor shall we receive any payment.

  1. Make-up Lesson Policy

3.1 Makeup Lesson Limit: Each ABA student is eligible for a maximum of two (2) make-up lessons per current term. This limit is in place to ensure fair opportunities for all students to reschedule missed lessons.

3.2 Advanced Notification Requirement: To request a make-up lesson, it is crucial that students notify the ABA Makeup Team at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. You can notify us by sending an email to makeups@aba08.com.au or by calling us at 0432 520 858. Along with the notification, students must submit a formal request via email. Please be aware that any notice less than 24 hours will only be accepted with a doctor's medical certificate for medical illness.

3.3 Term Limitation: Make-up lessons can only be scheduled within the current term and will be forfeited if there is a cancellation or at the start of a new term. We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide a make-up lesson for a make-up lesson that has already been scheduled. This limitation is necessary to ensure efficient scheduling and fairness to all students.

3.4 Accommodation Efforts: Our makeup admin team will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your make-up lesson requests during the term. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee specific times to suit your needs as it will depend on the availability of slots. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

3.5 Non-Transferable: Please note that make-up lessons cannot be transferred to other students or claimed if a student cancels their program and no longer has an active booking.

  1. Late or Disallowed Payments

4.1 If your payment is dishonoured or unable to be processed you will be required to supply an alternative method of payment as to access the services provided by ABA. In addition, for each dishonoured payment, ABA will charge a fee of $15.00, comprised of administrative fees and bank fees. This will be added onto your outstanding fees and if the payment is regarding enrolments for the next term it may affect the availability of the payee’s enrolment.

4.2 If there is any overdue payment (due to administrative or similar error or for any other reason) ABA will give you notice within 2 weeks and it is expected to be repaid within the first week after notice.

4.3 If you owe ABA any other payments and fail to pay this amount within 7 days of being requested to do so by ABA, you allow ABA to chase up on those outstanding payments as it will affect the administrative processes required to effectively run the classes or sort out merchandise.

  1. Uniforms

5.1 While attending training you must wear our uniform. Our uniform is comprised of a red short sleeve t-shirt with the ABA logo, and black shorts with also the ABA logo. Students will also be required to wear appropriate indoor sports shoes while training on court to minimise risk of injury.

5.2 Failing to wear the correct uniform will result in a warning and notice to the student’s parents/guardian. Depending on the clothes worn by the student it may either result in the student having to pay for another set of uniform on the day of class or the student being refused to partake in the class due to the inherent dangers to the student by wearing inappropriate attire for class.

  1. Indemnity

6.1 You acknowledge that badminton and other activities offered or conducted by ABA or under its auspices are inherently physical and dangerous activities and that you risk injury in participating in such activities. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you declare that you are medically able to participate in physical activity, and acknowledge that you understand and accept the inherent risks of undertaking these physical activities. You release and indemnify ABA to the full extent permitted by law in respect of any claim, loss, liability or expense arising as a result of or in connection with your participation in any ABA activity. While all efforts are made to ensure your safety, ABA takes no responsibility for injury, damage or loss of property.