Group Training

Australian Badminton Academy offers quality classes that accomodate for all levels

Stage 1

Stage 1 introduces students into the world of badminton and teaches the fundamental skills of basic hand grips, hand-eye coordination, balance, footwork, strokes, and overall fitness. Click here for all Stage 1 classes!

Stage 2

The stage 2 course builds on the fundamental skills taught in the stage 1 course. Coaches also introduce the concept of doubles, and tactics on top of strokes in more detail. Click here for all Stage 2 classes!

Stage 3

Stage 3 refines the doubles skills learnt in Stage 2, and introduces mixed doubles skills. This course also develops on individual abilities, specifically on tactical play. Click here for all Stage 3 classes!

Stage 4

Stage 4 consists of highly advanced drills and tactics designed to allow elite athletes to compete at an international level. Click here for all Stage 4 classes!