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While other racket sports are respectable in their own rights, badminton owns the title of “Fastest Racket Sport.” The fastest shuttlecock speed officially recorded was 493kph. By comparison, the fastest tennis serve ever recorded was 263kph. Click below to learn more about ABA and what we offer!

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Badminton is a great way for people of different ages to come together and play a game. A child can easily play against their parents or even grandparents. The sport also caters to players of all skill levels and maintains a delicate balance between being easy enough to learn for beginners, and competitive enough for advanced players.

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Don’t be mistaken; badminton can still be a demanding sport that requires tons of training and conditioning — especially if you expect to be competitive. The running, lunging, and swinging you’ll do will keep your heart-rate up and give your arms and legs a vigorous workout. Join now to find out how to receive 50% off your first term!

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